Best 5 iPhone QR (barcode) scanner apps

I will try whithin this post to present you some of the best 5 iPhone QR (barcode) scanner apps, that will help you with scanning codes on iPhone. Below you will be able to see some screenshots and videos and also read the features found in some of the most easy to use qr barcode scanners. Some of the apps I will talk about are free but some of them are paid. You can test the free qr code reader / scanner app and decide if they suit your needs or go with a paid app.

1. QR Reader for iPhone by TapMedia Ltd

This is a free app used for scanning QR codes, printed URL’s and barcodes. With the new Scan to PDF feature you can also create PDF files from inside this iPhone app. Let’s take a closer look at the features found in this iPhone QR scanner:

  • Scans QR codes, barcodes and printed URLs
  • Scan to PDF – you can turn your iPhone into a digital scanner (learn more about a free scanner app for iphone)
  • Scan to Share – you can now scan and share your favorite photos & files
  • Scan to Pay – scan and make payments
  • Auto-detect scanning. Just point the cammers & hold!
  • Share via email, MMS, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Make your own QR codes
  • Verify websites before visiting them.
  • Export the scans you’ve made by CSV
  • Fully embedded web browser
  • Integrated map view

**NOTE** iPhone 3G users should be aware that your device’s camera has a fixed focus lens so the real-time scanning will not work under all circumstances. Be sure that you have a good lighting and keep the device firm.

QR Reader for iPhone


You can get QR Reader for iPhone here.

2. QR Code Scanner – Fastest decoder for all types of QR Codes by iHandy Inc.

The developers of this barcode scanner claim that their app is the fastest and most powerful QR reader. You will be able to scan everything that surrounds you from contacts, plain text, details, telephone numbers, website URL’s, email addresses, SMS messages, calendar events, locations, email messages and many more.

 QR Code Scanner

Here are the features this app provides after installation:

  • Quick QR Code and Data Matrix scanning
  • Auto decoding for all kinds of QR codes: contact details, plain text, website URL, telephone number, SMS message, email address, email message, calendar event, locations and more
  • Scans Barcodes & QR codes from the pictures it finds in your Photo Roll
  • Runs all the actions related to the QR code without quitting the app
  • Works like a business card scanner app and saves contacts directly into address book
  • Browse web links and map locations from within in the app
  • Integrated SMS and Email sending
  • Add new events to iCal in the app
  • Unlimited storage for scan history
  • Store useful and favorite QR codes for future viewing
  • Share by mail and text message
  • Retina display support for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPod touch
  • iOS 6 and iPhone 5 compatible

[qrcodetag][/qrcodetag] Download QR Code Scanner here.

3. Barcode Reader for iPhone by TapMedia Ltd

This is a free and very simple yet intuitive barcode scanner for iPhone. With the help of this app you can compare prices very fast on thousands of online shopping websites.

 barcode scanner for iphone

Below some features found in this barcode reader for iPhone:

  • Browse prices on more than 1000’s of websites in an instant.
  • Look for keyword or barcode number
  • Discover related reviews, images, videos and tweets
  • Multiple currency support
  • Add to favorites/ wishlist
  • Auto-detect scanning. Just point & hold!
  • Share using email, MMS, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Embedded web browser


Get Barcode Scanner for iPhone here.

4. Scan – QR Code and Barcode Reader by QR Code City

This is another qr code scanner and barcode reader that is both fast and user friendly. Below are some of the reviews people are saying about this iPhone scanner app:

“Quick and very reliable. I’d give it six stars if it were possible.”
“No ads, beautiful design, and even caught blurry QR codes I didn’t expect it to scan”
“I’ve saved over $80 by scanning products in the store and finding them cheaper online”

Scan - QR Code and Barcode Reader

If you are scanning a QR code that has a website URL link embedded, you will be redirected to the site, but if the code is just made of text, you’ll see it instantly. If there are phone numbers, contact infos or email addresses you will be prompted to take specific actions.

This qr code scanner will identify all important types (EAN, UPC and ISBN) and will display prices, reviews and many other interesting informations about any products that you will scan. In order for this app to work you require a newer iPhone or iPad for conducting reliable tasks. The cameras on older gadgets do not have the resolution or focus needed for the barcode scanning to work properly.

More features to be found within this app:

• Shows you a history list and map of all of your former scans
• Sync your scan history across your devices and on the web
• Use your front or rear camera for scanning
• Set a default browser for visiting websites
• Scan photos of QR codes and barcodes from your camera roll
• Take advantage of the switch in order to turn on your device’s flash (if it comes with one) for scanning in low-light circumstances


Download Scan – QR Code and Barcode Reader here. This app costs normally $4.99 but now it costs only $1.99 (limited offer)

5. RedLaser – Barcode Scanner, Deal Finder & QR Code Reader by eBay Inc.

Last, but not least I will talk about the RedLaser barcode scanner that is developed by the team at Ebay. Taking into consideration that eBay is one of the biggest online auction websites this free app they have developed will help the users compare prices both on online markets and offline (local searches).

RedLaser – Barcode Scanner, Deal Finder and QR Code Reader

This app has some interesting reviews and I will quote just 2 of them:

“Top 10 Must Have App for your iPhone” ? The New York Times
“If you haven’t downloaded it, it should be on your iPhone.”? The Today Show

You can use RedLaser to scan barcodes in order to search through eBay, other online retailers and offline for the best prices. You can also search for products and services by keyword not only by a barcode.

After you find the desired product or service you will be able to see reviews, product information and store details but you will also see alternative products and accesories and other related searches made by RedLaser users.

You can also scan and save loyalty cards and share them with friends and family for later use.


Download RedLaser here.

Below you can see RedLaser in action. I have used my wife’s Revlon Makeup Foundation and you can see that the app has identified the product very quick showing both reviews and recommendations. It is also very impressive from what distance the scanner works.

Just start de app and tap the upper right icon that looks like this [||||] and the barcode scanner will try to find a code within the camera range.