How to close apps on iPhone

Hello everyone, this is my first post on this website that is intended to be a guide for all iPhone lovers and Apple fans in general and I intend to answer a question that was also troubling myself in the past, and that is how to close apps on iPhone.

This month I have switched from an Android based smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S) to a brand new iPhone 4S (don’t boo on me for owning an Android, but I had to test that OS too, right ?). This post is not intended to be an iPhone review but instead I will try to answer a question that concerns all of us I think.

As the iPhone was brand new it already came with the iOS 7.0 installed, which I have later updated to the 7.0.3 version in spite all the things I have read online that were saying iPhone 4S will just become slow and so on with this brand new iOS. It turned out that it was not true, it just works like charm. Maybe on older manufactured iPhone 4S updating to the latest iOS 7 is an issue but as I’ve said it was not my case.

After installing the latest version of iOS i began discovering my new iPhone 4S, playing and tweaking with it. I have installed some useful iPhone apps, like Skype, Paypal, Ebay, Facebook and other apps developed for iPhone that I thought will make my life easier. After 2 or 3 days I was still amazed how good the smartphone responded to all the tasked I required, but then a question came up in my mind: How to close apps on iphone ? I’ve had the Android experience that kind of freaked me out, because back then I was using an app, a “task killer” in order to keep the OS running smooth. So I was lost in the iOS 7.0 world thinking that some day, if I just kept on opening apps and not closing them, the iPhone will become slower and slower.

After doing some researches I have found that in order to close all apps on iPhone you have to take 2 easy steps:

1. Double press the HOME button


After you press the home button twice a full screen with a list of all running iPhone apps will come up.

2. Just swipe up the app that you want to close or just close all apps on iPhone. Although there was no delaying in the task my iPhone was performing I still choose to close some apps from time to time. Mostly I close apps that I do not use so much in my everyday use.

how to close apps on iphone

The title of this post is not quite accurate though, as this technique is also applicable for other Apple gadgets like iPad for example and so it would better be “how to close apps on iOS 7″.

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